What You Need


Our boats are equipped with life jackets and safety harnesses, but NOT foul weather (keep you dry) gear.

You will need warm clothing, which ideally should include articles of a wind-proof nature and ideally waterproof in case it rains. Remember that if it is a damp day, the cockpit seats will be wet, and “yes” you will get a wet bottom, so change of trousers, shoes and socks might be useful in case you get wet and then you will then have something dry in which to return home.

Remember it is a lot COOLER on the water than you may think, even on a sunny autumn day, so bring one more warm item than you think that you may need. Be prepared for a sunny day i.e. hats and high factor sun protection. One can burn on the water even on a cold cloudy day!

Also, whilst it is most unlikely that you will feel sea sick, occasionally it happens! So if you have never sailed before, it may be worth considering taking a sea sickness tablet as a precaution. A recommended brand is Stugeron, and they can be bought in Boots'.

Foot wear

Unless you have sailing shoes or sailing boots you will be required to wear soft soled shoes of the trainer type which will not leave marks on the deck and coach work. As a guide, they will have white soles or if black must be suitable to be worn on either a Squash or Badminton Court. Wellington boots are unsuitable. The soles of the shoes should be clean and free of mud/stones.

On board

Bring a bottle of water and any snacks that you may need.

The boat will provide Milk/ Tea/ Coffee

Lunch: Not supplied, so bring a packed lunch or suggestions that the skipper might make such as lunch ashore. It is up to you to contact the skipper prior to the sailing day as to exactly what will be the suggestion of the day